Monday, July 13, 2009


This last week, the girls and I ran away to Preston. We have been so busy this summer that we really haven't spent a lot of time with our family. Monday we met a bunch of friends in Logan and went to the Logan pool. It was a lot of fun. The last time we were there Brooklyn wasn't quite so brave. I kept losing her all day cuz she now can touch the bottom across the whole pool. Swimming lessons have made a huge difference for both the girls. That night we had a big sleep over at Toni's. The kids get along so well and have so much fun together. The week went by sooo fast. We stayed busy going to movies, to the lake, putting on fake fingernails, and just hanging out. Thanks to everyone for letting us crash. We had a great time.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


It seems like we have been talking about going to Stadium of Fire with the Jonas Brothers forever. As it got closer, every day Maddy would ask how many more days. Finally, its here!!!
We had tickets with Shawn and Kari and their kids. We all loaded up in Kari's expedition. It was like the Griswolds on vacation all over again. It took us just as long to decide how to sit everyone and get everything in the car as it did to drive there. On the way down, we rehearsed all the newest Jonas Brother songs with our cd trying to bring Shawn and Kevin up to date. Im no so sure they are that impressed with us. Kevin will be ok though because he loves Glen Beck, and Shawn is always just along for the ride. We stopped and ate at The Outback. I thought it was good but we ended up at target buying pepto for most of the kids.
Everything was really good. Glen Beck was really good, the performances before and of course the Jonas Brothers rocked. The kids had a lot of fun dancing and singing.
We topped off the night with a parking ticket, but hey it just wrapped up a really fun fun day!!


Would you look at that!!! We are sooo proud.
This year we planted our first garden. I have no idea what I'm doing. Three days after we planted it, I was out there looking for everything, I was so sure it would be growing. Kevin kept calling me "The impatient farmer". Pretty soon things started to sprout. The peas were the one thing we were most excited about. They grew and grew but never looked like they would blossom. We had finally come to conclusion that they were sterile. We were so sad thinking only us! Then we got all that rain and hadn't gone out there for awhile. Holy cow! We have peas. Yesterday the girls picked all the big ones. Then we sat on the trampoline and ate them all. DELICIOUS!! They both acted like they had the best treat ever!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am such a slacker but everyone is giving me a hard time so I thought I would give a quick update on the Owen family..... T-Ball/Machine pitch!!! Yes that is it! That has been our life for the last few weeks. Tuesday through Friday the girls play. It really hasn't been to bad but it does keep us busy. It's been fun to watch them learn and do so well. Brooky does a really good job if you can keep her mit out of her mouth( I guess thats some kind of nervous twitch). She is really a little slugger. Madison is also doing well if she can catch the ball inbetween all of her cartwheels. They both love playing and are making new friends all the time.

This weekend for Memorial Day we just hung out at the house. Now that might seem boring to you but we actually really enjoyed just being home. This last year we have been on the go non-stop. Kevin wasn't working so we just worked in the yard and hung out. I have to say I am so tickled with our yard. Its green, it has flower beds and now it has plants and flowers! We have always moved before we get to this part. I am enjoying it so much.

Our newest addition is the trampoline. The girls LOVE LOVE it. Kevin and I have been anti-tramp for so long. I think now that I have been out of the recovery room for a year now, I'm starting to forget that most broken bones came from the tramp. Kevin was still not that thrilled about it so I told him thats what I wanted for Mothers Day! Ha Ha! He is so good to us.

Well we are still alive and I will try and be better about blogging.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Poor Brooky!! This girl is always getting hurt! This weekend we went to Idaho to make the rounds. The kids were just sitting on the couch watching Bolt. Brooky leans over to get the popcorn and down she goes! She hit her head on the coffe table.
Now this isn't her first time to the Emergency Room so she was not real happy to be there.
Luckily they just glued it shut!
The best part is that I was in Logan. I have never felt so helpless in my life!
Thank you Colleen and Nana! It is so nice to know we have such great friends and family!!